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There's a great challenge for Nurses out there! Beginning from student nurses, professionals and Internationally Educated Nurses ... your teachers, families and friends, agencies, managers, co-workers and above all your patients. They all have high and at times unrealistic expectations from YOU. This is a venue where each and everyone can express their struggles, experiences, learn from it and even perhaps laugh about it.

Have a glimpse of Nursing History and the world famous Nursing Theories. Find out how essential SMART process is and how to integrate NANDA to your daily nursing practice. As professionals, don't forget the legalities! Check how to effectively resolve a conflict and the principles of legal charting that are very significant to students and especially professionals.

After you passed the Nursing Board Exam, Welcome to the real world! Nursing Avenue is a premier online nursing resource, this site provides you valuable information you need to help you make a sound decision of what kind of nursing career you want. How about an exciting cross-country travel? Go and experience Hospital job setting? Mother and baby care? Maybe try Parish nursing? It's your choice. Do you love your nursing career? Share your story. You can also share pictures of the care centers, hospitals and any care settings (school, military?!), even pictures of your uniform in your workplace!

Transition from a student nurse to an expert is a bumpy ride and full of changes. Different personalities to deal with, different manuals and procedures to go through, a foreign language, weather and culture to be familiar's over whelming. But it's just the beginning of your journey and it means you are doing and achieving something. Way to go! You deserve a pat on the shoulder. Yes, there is a lot to learn, but keep in mind that, "All master was once a disaster!" This site compiled Boards of Nursing, nursing schools in Canada, different nursing specialties and the patient bill of rights as a helpful resource. Plus a Bonus! preparing competitive resume and job interview. Satisfied?! But that's not all - Check out the nursing poetry and nurses' jokes to help you relax.

Aside from knowledge of theories, resumes, code of ethics etc. there's more! In Nursing Avenue we will share some love and friendships as well. Here’s a little secret…Nurses are caring and thoughtful human beings. Nurse’s Heartbeat is a carefree site for Nurses who are looking for a friend, companion, a date, or a soul-mate.

Nurses! check out the power of words and learn to communicate with your spouse, children, co-workers and friends therapeutically. Gain knowledge of First Aid and be prepared, anytime and anywhere like a Real Nurse. You'll never know when you will need it!

Looking at the BIG PICTURE, the supply and demand for Internationally Educated Nurses is extreme in other parts of the globe. The realities of "Volunteer" Registered Nurses versus the Undergraduate Nurse Employee, indeed such an eye opener for everyone.

You can also share your own "transition" stories/experiences, this may occur when new knowledge, treatments or procedures are introduced into practice. For example, when a nurse transitions from student to new graduate, when a seasoned nurse in one setting becomes a novice nurse in a new clinical setting; whenever roles change, such as from the primary or direct care role to management or from education to research; or from experienced registered nurse to nurse practitioner. Learn to recognize and accept one's strengths and limitations in practice and acquiring the new knowledge and skills needed is essential to provide safe, competent and quality care. Nurses looking for ACLS online courses should consider Piper Health with their convenient training and exam programs.

A Message from Sherrylyn (an IEN)

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Our Mission

Nursing Avenue's mission is to be your ultimate one-stop-shop for successful and practical wisdom for students, professionals and Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) around the globe. Some of you may be saying, “Sherrylyn, this website is not for me. I’m not a successful Nurse.” Tell me, how do you define success? To me, any person who is passionate to gain knowledge is already successful. Are you motivated to learn, help, save and touch other people’s lives? If you are, then welcome to Nursing Avenue YOUR website!

Here are the topics I’ll be tackling:

  • Why Nursing? How to accurately assess yourself if you truly desire to be a Nurse.
  • Student Nurse: How to set your goals and have the focus to be a productive student Nurse?
  • Enjoy your Nursing Preceptorship: How to work with your preceptor effectively.
  • Preparing for the Board Exam: How to set your mind and prepare for the exam(s)
  • Transition: How to adjust, fight depression and exercise assertiveness in the foreign land.
  • Balance :  How to live simply, appreciate blessings and have a balance between work, fun and life.

Who Is Sherrylyn Vivero?

I am passionate about "Sharing the Light". My mission is to connect, appreciate and empower students, professionals and Internationally Educated Nurses. If I can help just one person keep moving forward, this website is a success. I want to see every Nurse reach whatever level of success they desire. If you know what it takes to be a genuine and competent Nurse, you will be more likely to keep going when you hit roadblocks and face challenges.

And who am I to do this? I don’t have a PhD or designation to the tenth power. I have failed so many times and even contemplated to quit Nursing. But after all - the bottom line remained the same – my passion for Nursing. I’ve endured trials and learned from my mistakes which enable me to bounce back successfully. And now it’s time for me to give back through Nursing Avenue. About the Author

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Nurses Prayer
Nurses Prayer refreshes and strengthens ones character as a PERSON and as a CAREGIVER.
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Nursing Avenue Testimonials
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Nice work! It’s about time someone from our profession speaks out and do something about the dilemmas and concerns for IEN's here in Canada.
(Haninaduds, Canada)

Valuable knowledge & forums. Very good for students
and even professionals.
(Renee, USA)

Hi... I really like ur site very much. Its the first of it's kind
that I have seen, dedicated solely to nurses and nursing profession. I am from Nepal, a small country in South East Asia. I am a
student nurse awaiting results
of final year of 4 years(BSN). Some of the experiences
that you shared seemed like our own and really touched my heart. I am happy that if I need some guidance, I can contact you, and am sure I'll get positive response. Your site is a blessing to all nurses (and others as well).
Keep up your good work!
(Elisha, Nepal)

These are great nursing prayers.
(satnurse, Canada)

Thank you so much for your time and guidance in addressing my concerns. I hope to keep in touch with you until I finally have the chance to work in Canada.
God bless you :)
(Salome, Philippines)

Just want to be a part
of your awesome site!!!
(Lori, USA)

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