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NANDA stands for North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

Nursing Diagnosis

*Whew* Back in college (our "good 'ol days"), I can still vividly remember that we always carry this list - all the time, in our hospital duties, classroom discussions and the never-ending care plan assignments.

Sometimes it even flashes and visits me in my dreams haha! (Yes, those were the days).

But after I became a Professional, I am so grateful with those experiences because they reminded me to be on guard and always ready. Yes, we are not just health advocates but we deal with precious lives of our patients. I bless you and here you go! NANDA.

Activity Intolerance Impaired skin integrity
Altered family processes Impaired social interaction
Altered growth and development Impaired swallowing
Altered health maintenance Impaired tissue integrity
Altered nutrition: less than body requirements Impaired verbal communication
Altered nutrition: more than body requirements Ineffective airway clearance
Altered nutrition: potential for more than body requirements Ineffective breastfeeding
Altered oral mucous membrane Ineffective breathing pattern
Altered parenting Ineffective denial
Altered patterns of urinary elimination Ineffective family coping; compromised
Altered protection Ineffective family coping; disabled
Altered role performance Ineffective individual coping
Altered sexuality patterns Ineffective thermoregulation
Altered thought processes Knowledge deficit (specify)
Altered (specify type) tissue perfusion (cerebral, cardiopulmonary, renal, gastrointestinal, peripheral) Noncompliance (specify)
Anticipatory grieving Pain
Anxiety Parental role conflict
Bathing/hygiene self-care deficit Perceived constipation
Body-image disturbance Personal identity disturbance
Bowel incontinence Post-trauma response
Chronic low self-esteem Potential activity intolerance
Chronic pain Potential altered body temperature
Colonic constipation Potential fluid volume deficit
Constipation Potential for aspiration
Decisional conflict (specify) Potential for disuse syndrome
Decreased cardiac output Potential for infection
Defensive coping Potential for injury
Diarrhea Potential for poisoning
Dressing/grooming self-care deficit Potential for suffocating
Dysfunctional grieving Potential for trauma
Dysreflexia Potential for violence: self-directed or directed at others
Effective breastfeeding Potential impaired skin integrity
Family coping: potential for growth Powerlessness
Fatigue Rape-trauma syndrome
Fear Rape-trauma syndrome: compound reaction
Feeding self-care deficit Rape-trauma syndrome: compound reaction
Fluid volume deficit Rape-trauma syndrome: silent reaction
Fluid volume excess Reflex incontinence
Functional incontinence Self-esteem disturbance
Health seeking behaviors (specify) or desire for high-level wellness (specify) Sensory/perceptual alterations (specify) (auditory, gustatory, kinesthetic, olfactory, tactile, visual)
Hopelessness Sexual dysfunction
Hyperthermia Situational low self-esteem
Hypothermia Sleep pattern disturbance
Impaired adjustment Social isolation
Impaired gas exchange Spiritual distress (distress of the human spirit)
Impaired home maintenance management Stress incontinence
Impaired physical mobility Toileting self-care deficit
Total incontinence Unilateral neglect
Urge incontinence Urinary retention

Presto! For your convenience I inserted the NANDA Nursing Diagnosis
second part of Nursing Process.

Make use the most out of it. Enjoy!

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Nice work! It’s about time someone from our profession speaks out and do something about the dilemmas and concerns for IEN's here in Canada.
(Haninaduds, Canada)

Valuable knowledge & forums. Very good for students
and even professionals.
(Renee, USA)

Hi... I really like ur site very much. Its the first of it's kind
that I have seen, dedicated solely to nurses and nursing profession. I am from Nepal, a small country in South East Asia. I am a
student nurse awaiting results
of final year of 4 years(BSN). Some of the experiences
that you shared seemed like our own and really touched my heart. I am happy that if I need some guidance, I can contact you, and am sure I'll get positive response. Your site is a blessing to all nurses (and others as well).
Keep up your good work!
(Elisha, Nepal)

These are great nursing prayers.
(satnurse, Canada)

Thank you so much for your time and guidance in addressing my concerns. I hope to keep in touch with you until I finally have the chance to work in Canada.
God bless you :)
(Salome, Philippines)

Just want to be a part
of your awesome site!!!
(Lori, USA)

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