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Motivated, efficient and detail oriented with strong organizational and interpersonal skills dedicated to cater quality patient care, staff development and family support.



  • Capacity to multitask; manage priorities in a fast paced environment geared towards the provision of safe and competent patient care.
  • Administrative and referral experience including admission, assessment, treatment, evaluation, and education for a wide range of patients.
  • Excellent patient/family teaching and organizational skills
  • Ability to interact effectively in an interdisciplinary environment
  • Proficiency in interpersonal skills and communication skills, accuracy in patient history, charting and other documents.
  • Reliable, ethical healthcare provider with ability to stay calm and intervene during crises, facilitates groups and educational seminars, and collaborates on multidisciplinary teams.
  • Proven ability to build positive relationships with patients, family members, physicians and other medical professionals.




Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN                         1999-2003

Universidad de Sta. Isabel, Elias Angels St. Naga City Philippines



Registered Nurse (RN), Alberta (CARNA)

Registered Nurse (RN), British Columbia (RNABC)

Registered Nurse (RN), Philippines (PNA)




Rockyview General Hospital, Patient Care 82 Oct. 2007- present

Registered Nurse, Medical

  •      Expertise in assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive patient and family care on an acute medical unit.

  •    Ability to delegate care to nursing assistants

  •    Effectively team up with a multidisciplinary team (pharmacy, social work, transition, physicians, occupational and physiotherapist).

  •    CPR, TPN, IV and CVC certified.

  •    Friendly interpersonal skills and great team player

  •    Excellent organizational skills

  •    Ability to utilize critical thinking skills in dealing with students and patients and family members.

  •    Ability to function well in charge nurse role.

 Rockyview General Hospital, Patient Care 56 Sept. 2005 – Aug. 2007

Registered Nurse, Cardiology

  • Care/management of the patient with coronary heart disease (angina, myocardial infarction, CHF, angiograms, angioplasty) and cardiovascular and thoracic disease (CABG, valve repair/replacement, etc.)

  • Care of the diabetic patient – blood glucose sliding scale monitoring

  • Assessment and care of the patient with respiratory disease

  • Care of patients with permanent pacemakers

  • Nasogastric tube insertion and Telemetry experience

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia analysis and interpretation

  • 12 Lead ECG analysis and interpretation

  • Assessment of heart and lung sounds

  • Central venous catheter care and management

  • Expertise in Intravenous assessment, initiation and management

  • IV Push Medication Administration and Blood Transfusion

  • Proficient in Sunrise Clinical Manager

  • Alcohol Withdrawal and Anticoagulation Clinic In-services

  • IV Heparin Infusion and Wound Care as per protocol

  • Care of patients with Chest Tubes

  • Participated in Cardiology Cardiac Rounds Seminars

  • Facilitated patients and family Cardiac Health Education Conference


Intercare @ Millrise, Calgary Alberta Feb. 2005

Registered Nurse, Dementia & Frail Unit

  • Assess patients to identify appropriate nursing interventions;
  • Monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients' conditions;
  • Collaborate with members of an interdisciplinary health team to plan, implement, co-ordinate and evaluate patient care in consultation with patients and their families;
  • Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician or according to established policies and protocols;
  • Participated in the in-service training on Dementia Management for Elders.
  • Operate or monitor medical apparatus or equipment;
  • Manage cases and develop and implement discharge plans;
  • Provide leadership and supervise registered nursing assistants and other nursing staff


Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, Vancouver B.C.  Jan. - Feb 2005

Registered Nurse, Geriatric Medicine (4E)

  • Uses the nursing process to provide nursing care by:

a)     Developing a nursing database through interview and assessment of patient and family.

b)      Utilizing this data to: Identify problems; formulate a nursing plan of care; Establish discharge criteria; and Develop nursing orders.

c)      Implementing nursing actions.

d)     Evaluating the effects of nursing actions.

e)     Revising and updating care plan as indicated.

  • Administer complex medications via the oral, intra-muscular, subcutaneous, intradermal, topical, rectal, respiratory, and intravenous (including intravenous push on a unit specific basis) routes.
  • Participated in the in-service training on Bowel Protocol Management for Elders.
  • Attended various patient conferences with the multidisciplinary team
  • Document in-patients medical record patient’s appearance, emotional status, interaction with staff and/or family, knowledge level of disease process and response to medical plan and nursing actions, on a continual basis.
  • Communicate instructions and patient progress and/or relevant changes in status to the Head Nurse, Charge Nurse, and incoming shift.
  • Teaches patient and family about health maintenance and illness prevention; disease process; pre and post operative care; diagnostic procedures; use of equipment related to disease/care; expected and possible adverse reactions to medications (as appropriate) and discharge planning.


St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver B.C.       Nov 2004 -Jan 2005

Registered Nurse, Acute Medicine (7CD)

  • Provided bedside care, treatment and clinical documentation for patients with aggressive behaviors, Intravenous Drug users, medical floor etc. Handled medication administration, dressing changes, IVs and all other aspects of nursing care. Facilitated admissions, discharges and transfers; prepared chart notes and other documentation; and participated on interdisciplinary team.
  • Attended in-service trainings of the unit concerning Safety huddles, N95 mask and Wound Care.

Bicol Medical Center, Naga City Philippines  July -Oct 2003

General Med-Surgical Ward & Out-Patient Department

  • Use of Nursing Process to deliver quality care for all patients      
  • Set priorities for patient care activities.
  • Assumes leadership role by managing patient care and other staff
  • Rendered the best possible nursing care to all patients regardless of their race, creed, color, political status, sex and to render assistance to all staff for the benefit of the patients.




  • September 14, 2008 – PRECEPTOR WORKSHOP

  •  June 28, 2007 – CHARGE NURSE WORKSHOP

  • September 25, 2006 – HEART SOUNDS WORKSHOP

  • February 27, 2006 - 12 LEAD ECG Training @ FMC

  • June 12, 2007 – CPR Certification Level C

  • April 20-21, 2005 – Alzheimer Management Training

  • February 7-8, 2004 - Measuring and Improving Patient’s Experience With Long Term Care                 
  • May 29-31, 2003  - I.V. Therapy Training Program                  
  • February 12, 2003 - Quality Assurance for Quality Nursing Care (Nursing. Audit)
  • I.V. Therapy Update Considerations in Administration of    Chemotherapeutic Agents                           
  • October 12, 2002 - Natural and Man Made Disaster Seminar               





Mustard Seed – feeding homeless - Calgary 2005- to present

Calgary Dream Center – Calgary

Outreach with the OFW - Canmore & Banff, Alberta  


Diabetes Centre Waiting Room Volunteer Nov 2003 – Mar 2004    

Vancouver General Hospital

Echelon Building, 2nd Floor, 575 West 8th Avenue

Vancouver, B.C.





  • Loyalty Award (March 16, 2003)
  • Most Outstanding in Pastoral Service (March 16, 2003)
  • Outstanding in Leadership (HEDSCO Treasurer) (July 16, 2000)
  • Community Service Award (Feb. 28, 2001)
  • Outstanding in Community Extension Service (Feb. 28, 2001)
  • Outstanding in Departmental Community Service (Feb. 28, 2001)
  • Outstanding in Departmental Service (Nursing Student Association)

   Business Mgr. (Feb. 28, 2001)

  • Outstanding Student in Performing Arts - ACAT (Feb. 28, 2001)

(Ambassadors of Culture and Arts Troupe)





Known as a patient advocate and team player. Believes in empowering patients by delivering appropriate health education and nursing care that enhances holistic wellness and quality of life.


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Nice work! It’s about time someone from our profession speaks out and do something about the dilemmas and concerns for IEN's here in Canada.
(Haninaduds, Canada)

Valuable knowledge & forums. Very good for students
and even professionals.
(Renee, USA)

Hi... I really like ur site very much. Its the first of it's kind
that I have seen, dedicated solely to nurses and nursing profession. I am from Nepal, a small country in South East Asia. I am a
student nurse awaiting results
of final year of 4 years(BSN). Some of the experiences
that you shared seemed like our own and really touched my heart. I am happy that if I need some guidance, I can contact you, and am sure I'll get positive response. Your site is a blessing to all nurses (and others as well).
Keep up your good work!
(Elisha, Nepal)

These are great nursing prayers.
(satnurse, Canada)

Thank you so much for your time and guidance in addressing my concerns. I hope to keep in touch with you until I finally have the chance to work in Canada.
God bless you :)
(Salome, Philippines)

Just want to be a part
of your awesome site!!!
(Lori, USA)

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